Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zombie Drive.

I haven't been keeping up this blog. Been so busy. I've been working on websites and art and this Halloween I'm having Zombie Drive at DragonWyck Manor. Also, been watching a lot of horror movies.

 Zombie Drive is a large yard-haunt. It's fun for children that are too young for the more adult spook trails and haunted houses. The trick r' treaters only get out of their car if they want candy and treats. This will be the second time we've had Zombie Drive. The first being in 2008. All the props and decorations are made by Dagon and me or customized by us. So everything is unique. I made a website for Zombie Drive. It has some photos from the previous Zombie Drive and a flyer for this years haunt.

~Everyday Is Halloween.~

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